watch the footy with us

Do we dare to dream? Is it really coming home? Can big Harry and the team do us proud? And most importantly have you bought your Garethesque waistcoat yet?

Join us on Wednesday July 11th at 7pm when England play Croatia in the semi final (can’t believe I’m writing that). You can watch all the thrilling action in our upstairs room on the big screen or on one of two TV screens in our bar. Yes, we’re going all out to support the boys.

And to help with the atmosphere and to provide some potentially well needed sustenance, we’ve got some great promotions for the duration of the World Cup. So for the stupendous price of just £10 enjoy either Beer & Nachos (Our Homemade Nachos, plus two pints of Exmouth Craft Lager) or the Hot Dog Sharer (Two Hot Dogs & Chips, plus two pints of Exmouth Craft Lager).

Come on lets cheer on the boys (it’s coming home you know!)