join us for the footy

It’s time to get all patriotic as we support the boys with the three lions on their shirts (other teams are available, apparently). The UEFA Euro2020 competition is about to start; yes it’s been a long wait, let’s hope the action meets expectations.

We will be showing the Eng-er-land games of course in our bar and also in our Upstairs function room. Plus, we’ll show the other games according to demand.

Things are a little more complicated with current Goverment restrictions.  It’s table service only and everyone needs to remain seated. We also have fewer tables than usual and need to space them out, so we recommend booking in advance, although we do expect to have some walk-in availability too!

In our bar area we will give first bookings to diners and upstairs there is no requirement to dine. Please email us to book your table. Although you can book the bar area via our online booking system, it won’t guarantee that you have a table with the sight of our television! Therefore email us at to book. Pop down your details and time that you would like to book.